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Meet Linda

I'm proud to be a native Floridian, the daughter of an Air Force officer and an elementary school teacher, raised with fundamental American values of love for our country and respect for hard work. My parents gave me a backbone, not a wishbone. I lost both parents when I was relatively young but continued to pursue my goals, putting myself through college and launching a successful international musical career. In addition to performance I've had the joy of teaching music to hundreds of children and adults.

When I was nearly 40 I went back to school to take the required courses to pursue a second career, earning my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2006. I’ve done my best to treat clients from all walks of life with empathy and compassion and to bring humor and a positive attitude to even the most stressful workplace.

Life is a gift. We can spend our time selfishly or choose to improve the lives of others. I believe in standing up for our neighbors who are less fortunate, less educated and less prosperous to make sure they are treated fairly and have every opportunity to succeed. I've experienced discrimination personally and professionally and am committed to fighting all forms of injustice and inequality. Though I'm new to politics I'm not new to public service, having volunteered for many charity organizations (for humans and animals) over the years. I hope to bring integrity of character and generosity of spirit to the Florida House.

"The arc of history only bends toward justice when many good people come together and pull."
- Dr. Linda Jack

Let’s work together to make progress for all!

Mission Statement

"Pasco Proud" is more than a motto - it is a mission. Join me to support west Pasco's growing business community, fight for better jobs, improve public education and vocational training opportunities, ensure equal rights for all, insist on better health care, develop our infrastructure and reduce the flooding that increasingly destroys neighborhoods. Let's protect our beautiful environment and coastal way of life while at the same time prioritizing resources to help the less fortunate among us find affordable housing and achieve independence. I want to be proud that west Pasco takes care of all of our citizens, not just the wealthiest. Join my team and let's get to work!

News & Updates

The Second Amendment vs. Public Safety

When Violence Hits Close to Home It's too easy to buy a gun in Florida.  Some are proposing "mental health" issues as a main factor in mass shootings, but in reality very few shootings are caused by people with severe mental illness and the mentally ill are more likely to be victims of violence …

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My Toy Story

Here to Help from an Early Age One bright, sunny day when I was a little girl, my mom took me swimming at the local public pool. Much to my delight, someone had brought a big box of plastic toys - bright orange whales, free for all the visiting children. My mom said I could pick out my own, and …

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